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Eye Surgery

The Lighthouse assists in corneal transplants, cataract and retinal surgeries, prosthetic eyes, and medically necessary contact lenses. When three local Lions Clubs founded the Lighthouse in 1949, we performed one sight-saving surgery.  We now perform more than 300 surgeries per year.

Download an eye surgery application.

The Lighthouse provides surgery assistance for:

  • Cataracts
  • Corneal tissue transplants
  • Diabetes-related vision loss

*We also help with artificial eyes.


“The Lighthouse is a wonderful program.  It helps a whole lot of people who wouldn’t have that chance to see again, and it gives them a second change at life.  I’m so grateful to get my sight back.”
- Cheryl Tisdale, eye surgery recipient

Artificial Eyes Ocular prostheses, also known as artificial eyes or glass eyes, are provided by the Lighthouse to patients who otherwise could not afford them.  The Lighthouse also provides routine cleaning of ocular prostheses.  Although artificial eyes do not enable vision, they can have a life-changing effect on a person's appearance. Before an ocular prosthetic implant, the patient has an absent natural eye.  This can be disfiguring enough to restrict a person's professional and social life, while eroding self-esteem.  After the implant of a single ocular prosthesis, it is almost impossible to tell which eye is the natural one. 

Requirements for Lighthouse Services

  • Be a legal Georgia resident
  • Complete the application process
  • Have no insurance or other way to pay for the required surgery
  • Meet financial guidelines

Click here to download the eye surgery application.

The Lighthouse should be considered the last resort for people in need of vision services. If you have insurance or other means of paying for such services please use those resources so that others more dire situations can fully utilize our services.

For questions or concerns please contact us at 404-325-3630 or 1-800-718-7483.