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White Cane

White Cane is an annual fundraiser to support Lighthouse's eye surgeries. Every Spring, Lions Clubs across the state raise money to help cover operating costs of our surgery program, which provides over 400 sight-saving surgeries to Georgians annually. 
Last year, 108 clubs participated in raising $115,000. The Lions Lighthouse has grown significantly in the last 7 years and your participation in White Cane is vital to the Lighthouse's sight services program. 
If every club participates we could double the amount raised! 

White Cane resource page provides downloads and information to help support your White Cane efforts. Contact Kelcie Lewis at with any additional questions or concerns.

White Cane Materials
- White Cane and Lighthouse history
- White Cane and Surgery Success Stories
- Sample letter for Letter Writing Campaign
- Steps to writing a Walmart Grant and Walmart locations throughout Georgia
- Contact Information

For White Cane bookmarks, please contact your district director or download by clicking the image below:

White Cane FAQ

What is the difference between regular club giving and White Cane giving?
When your club gives a “regular” contribution it goes into the Lighthouse’s general funds. From there it can be used for eye clinics, eye glasses, the hearing aid program, the eye surgery program, or administrative costs. Your Lighthouse operates at 10% overhead, so $0.90 of every dollar donated goes directly to programs and services. When your club donates to White Cane, 100% of the donation are used for the eye surgery or vision clinic program to help save a Georgian’s sight. When you give to the Lighthouse, be sure the check is designated “White Cane” or “regular.” The designation will help ensure that your funds are used the way you intend.

Can my individual gifts count toward our White Cane total?
Yes, any individual contribution automatically counts toward your club. Just be sure to include your club’s name on the check, and whether you want the contribution to go toward White Cane or regular club giving. 

Can we get posters or other printed materials from the Lighthouse for White Cane days or other events?
Yes! We have send your district directors a box of printed materials. Downloadable versions can be found here. Contact Kelcie Lewis with any questions

How can we make sure our donation goes toward White Cane?
Checks we receive from Lions clubs are considered "regular" club gifts unless they are otherwise indicated.  Ensure that your White Cane check gets credited the way you intend by writing "White Cane" in the "for" section of your check. 


Thank you to all of the Lions Clubs who participated in White Cane this year!