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Recycling Eyeglasses

Lions are an integral part of our recycled eyeglass program.  They are involved from collection and cleaning to distribution of the glasses.

Collecting Used Eyeglasses

Many Lions Clubs assist in collecting used eyeglasses for the Lighthouse.  They set up collection boxes in their offices, schools, churches, and at local eye wear distributor's shops.  The Lions Clubs bring in tens of thousands of eyeglasses each year, and the usable glasses are distributed overseas.  Glasses that cannot be used are sent to fashion design students for our annual Night of Spectacles fundraiser. 

If your club would like to get involved with collecting eyeglasses, please contact Peri at 404-325-3630 x 327 or at  She will send you a collection box for glasses, cell phones, and/or hearing aids.  Once the glasses are collected, they can be dropped off or sent to the Lighthouse at

5582 Peachtree Road
Atlanta, GA 30341

Cleaning and Sorting Glasses

After the glasses arrive at the Lighthouse they are cleaned sorted into usable glasses, scratched and broken glasses, and glasses with gold components. Any glasses that are still usable are then sorted by type (bifocals, single vision, reading, etc.), and read using a lensometer. If your Lions Club would like to volunteer to clean and sort the glasses, we would love to have you! Please fill out a Group Volunteer Request form, and our volunteer coordinator will contact you. If you are interested in being a long-term volunteer, and would like to be trained on reading glasses with the lensometer, please contact Peri at

Distributing Glasses

If you or a group you know is going on a mission trip and you would like to bring glasses along, please contact us! If there is an optometrist or ophthalmologist in your group, we can give you the glasses with the prescriptions already read. If there is not a vision specialist going with you, we can give you unread glasses, and people can try them on until they find a pair that works for them.

To request glasses for your trip, please contact Peri at Please include the number of glasses you would like, the type (regular or sunglasses), and whether you would like the prescription read. If your organization would like to distribute non-prescription sunglasses or reading glasses within the United States, you may also contact Peri.