Better Vision. Better Hearing. Better Georgia.

Hold a Recycling Drive

The Lighthouse is looking for volunteers to hold recycling drives at their school, work, or church.  We collect eyeglasses, cell phones, and hearing aids in any condition.  If you would like a collection box to hold a recycling drive, please contact Peri at


We accept single-vision eyeglasses, bifocals, reading glasses, non-prescription sunglasses, and prescription sunglasses.  Glasses in good condition are sent overseas on mission trips, where they are distributed to those without access to vision care.  Reading glasses and sunglasses often stay within the U.S., going to nursing homes, homeless shelters, and migrant worker camps.  If glasses frames contain gold, they are melted and sold to support our vision and hearing programs.  Any broken or scratched glasses are given to design schools and artists who fashion them into wearable dresses for our Night of Spectacles fundraiser. 

Cell Phones and Hearing Aids

All used cell phones and hearing aids we collect are sent to refurbishing centers.  The funds collected from the electronics help pay for our vision and hearing services. 

The Lighthouse recycles more than 100,000 pairs of glasses every year, and distributes them on mission trips overseas.  On one such trip, a group went to Honduras and met this seamstress who had not been able to work for years because she could not see the needle and thread.  She was beside herself when she tried on a pair of glasses and was able to see well enough to work again.