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Bring Glasses Overseas

*Please Note - In response to increasing demand, we ask that all requests for glasses be made at least one month prior to their expected delivery date.

The Lions Lighthouse receives and recycles more than 100,000 pairs of glasses every year, but we need help distributing them to people in need.  We have single vision glasses, bifocals, prescription sunglasses, and a limited number of reading glasses and non-prescription sunglasses.  If you or a group you know is going on a mission trip and you would like to bring glasses along, please contact us!  If there is an optometrist or ophthalmologist in your group, we can give you the glasses with the prescriptions already read.  If there is not a vision specialist going with you, we can give you unread glasses, and people can try them on until they find a pair that works for them. 

To request glasses for your trip, please contact Peri at PFinch  Please include the number of glasses you would like, the type (regular or sunglasses), and whether you would like the prescription read.  If your organization would like to distribute non-prescription sunglasses or reading glasses within the United States, you may also contact Peri. Thank you!

*Again Note - All requests for glasses should be made at least one month prior to their expected delivery date.