Better Vision. Better Hearing. Better Georgia.

Donate Glasses, Cell Phones, or Hearing Aids

The Lions Lighthouse accepts donations of used eyeglasses, cell phones, and hearing aids.  If you would like to set up a collection box for any of these items, please contact Peri at or at 404-325-3630 x 328. 


We happily accept eyeglasses of all types - single vision, bifocals, reading glasses, prescription sunglasses, and non-prescription sunglasses. We will accept them whether they are usable or broken.  All prescription glasses are sent overseas on mission trips.  Reading glasses and non-prescription sunglasses are distributed here in the United States to nursing homes, homeless shelters, and migrant worker camps.  Scratched and broken glasses are used in our annual Night of Spectacles fundraiser. 

Cell Phones and Hearing Aids

We also accept donations of cell phones and hearing aids as part of our Cells for Sight program.  The phones and hearing aids are sold to refurbishing companies, and the proceeds are used to fund our sight-saving cataract surgeries, retinopathies, and detached retina corrections.